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A Guide to Our Trips

We combine our knowledge of the sweetest places of the outdoors with a selection of country inns and camping areas for our own special brand of hospitality. Our goal has always been to rise above the rest, to guarantee more than just an ordinary trip, to provide you with a vacation that goes beyond the mundane.

We plan vacations, not expeditions.

Inn to Inn Trips

The Best of Vermont River Sampler is our premier trip. Classic Vermont country inns and exquisite combine for a classic adventure. We are a free spirited band of travelers moving from river to river, and inn to inn throughout Vermont.

The ultimate walking and padling adventure, Rambles and Rivers trips are a return to the opulent leisure of life in the outdoors. The Valley of Vermont, a valley formed by the Green and Taconic Mountain ranges provide a spectacular background. Our journey begins atop Mt Equinox and it continues as we explore the backroads, mountain trails, quiet lakes and of course the famed BattenKill.

Breakaways and Explorers are two and three day trips are designed for those who just can't take five days to explore the best of Vermont. Breakaways are two day trips that usually paddle a different river each day, but stay in the same place for both evenings. Choose the Safari on the White, a grand river; or Equinox Ramble which is a combination canoe and walking trip.

Adventures Afar and Afield

Travel provides us with a unique opportunity to expand our horizons and journey beyond the comforts of our backyard. Vermont is our backyard, and from our home on the BattenKill we are exploring unique places.

Canoe France- Dordogne , has become a BattenKill classic, and for good reason. 11 days of canoeing, with classic French hospitality, food and wine, prehistory, quaint lodges...this trip has it all.

Canoe France--Cevennes is our newest trip. "I travel for travel's sake" in the words of Robert Louis Stevenson when he walked through the Cevennes of France in 1850. We return several hundred years later to paddle the gorges of the Tarn and the Ardech rivers as well as walk with Robert Louis Stevenson.

Newfoundland Rambles ... an isolated land of the sea, magnificent beauty, rugged coasts, sparking rivers and open valleys. and culminates with our visit to Gros Morne, an awesome world Heritage Site. Indeed a trip for explorers.

Scotland -- Highlands and Islands, will be our playground for this grand trip exploring the rivers of Scotland. Castles, pubs, friendly people, and magnificent countryside are the raw ingredients for this special trip.

In Warmer Climes -- Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Canoe Costa Rica is our classic Costa Rica Adventure. We combine comfortable lodges, and good food with canoeing to create the BATTENKILL blend of hospitality that we are known for. We travel at a leisurely pace, enjoying classic lodges, allowing us to soak in all that we can, now thoroughly immersed in the true fabric of Costa Rica. It all combines to create welcome befitting Costa Rica.

It is difficult to find words to describe our experience in Solentiname & Rio San Juan , mostly because there is very little to compare it to. The trip starts with art, and nature, and then history. The legacy of present day Solentiname is steeped in the history of the Nahuatl word Celentinametl, which means "place of many guests". Perhaps this is what Costa Rica's Monteverde was like 40 years ago. The ideal adventure for the adventurer who wants to travel where very few other tourists have traveled.

Talamanca is for the adventurer who relishes the undiscovered, who wants to be a participator rather than a spectator and to go where few organized groups have traveled.

Camping Voyageurs

There is a majesty that only nature can provide, and camping is the perfect to get in touch with those things that are important. Canadian wilderness and camping combine together in wilderness. Voyageurs to offer a world of nature, rivers and quiet solitude.

The St Croix Voyageur is the perfect wilderness canoe trip for families and beginning paddlers. The St. Croix is designated as a Canadian Heritage river that forms the border between New Brunswick and Maine. Early the next morning we are
immersed in the grand isolation of a wilderness river. The St. Croix provides the perfect playground for novices wishing to learn, or for those simply seeking a relaxed and peaceful river sojourn.
Our Dumoine Whitewater Voyageur is a canoe tripper's paradise - 75 clicks of magnificent river. The location is remote -- so remote that we fly in and canoe out. The river is predominantly class II with a few class III's thrown in to keep your attention. . .
Lure of Labrador -- the land of boundless beauty and endless adventure. Labrador is the land of imagination, and imagination knows no boundaries. There are few places remaining on earth that offer such a rich combination of nature's wonders, and wilderness adventure

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