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St Croix Voyageur

A Canadian Heritage River, the St Croix is ideal for canoeing, camping and family river trips. A perfect introduction to camping and easy paddling. St Croix Voyageurs meet at Loon Bay Lodge near St Stephen NB Canada and are offered on:

2013 Departures
August 4 - 8

Trip Price: $1095.00
Requested Single Supplement: $90.00.
Private Bath: 2 evenings
Sleeping Bag Rental: $55.00
Airport Transfer: $55.00 per person from Bangor Maine airport.

Canoe Rental: included in trip price

Trip Notes
Day by Day Itinerary
St Croix Voyageur



St. Croix Voyageur

5 day quietwater Inn and camping trip.

 A Canadian Heritage River, the St Croix is ideal for canoeing,
camping and family river trips.

A perfect introduction to camping and easy paddling.

The St. Croix River -- the border of Maine and New Brunswick is one of the finest for quietwater canoe camping trips.A true gem, the St. Croix has been designated as a Canadian Heritage River; scenic, steeped in history and abundant with wildlife. The St. Croix river is noted as a major nesting areas for the American Bald Eagle, and has a generous moose population. The fishing is excellent and includes landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass.

The river has several notable features including its gentle but challenging whitewater, its sustained water flow all season long, and the uniqueness of paddling along an international boundary. The river basin is a blend of rolling wooded hills, extensive wetlands and marshes and
lakes, granite outcrops and glacial deposits.
Our adventure begins at Loon Bay Lodge on the St. Croix near St. Stephen New Brunswick. Built over 55 years ago in the tradition of the Great Camps of the North Country, Loon Bay provides the perfect setting to begin our journey. After a great breakfast we are off to the put in. After a brief orientation and instruction we pull away from shore and settle into the gentle pace of the river.
We will make camp at a scenic secluded sights at rivers edge. Over the next two days we will become fully immersed in the wonderful isolation of the St. Croix. Mornings find some of us up early enjoying the solitude and the mist rising off the water, while others curl up deeper in their sleeping bags waiting for their first cup of coffee. Rapids like Elbow Rips, Mile Rips, and Rocky Rapids fill our days with excitement. In between the quickwater sections we can slow down and wander through English Cove and other quiet sections where we can take the time to fully appreciate our surroundings. The St. Croix provides the perfect playground for novices wishing to learn, or for those simply seeking a relaxed and tranquil river sojourn.
Our journey ends as it began at Loon Bay Lodge. We are enchanted by the lodge and our warm and rustic surroundings. During our final dinner we reminisce about our adventure together and look forward to the next time.

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