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Newfoundland Sampler

8 day, moderate quickwater Inn based canoeing and hiking trip.

Newfoundland Samplers meet at the Deer Lake Airport in Deer Lake Newfoundland Canada and are offered on:

2012 Trip Dates

July 28-Aug 4, 2012
Aug 25-Sept 1, 2012

Trip Price


Requested Single Supplement: $405.00
Private Bath: 7 nights

Canoe Rental: included in trip price

Trip Notes
Day by Day Itinerary
Newfoundland Explorer



Newfoundland Rambles

8 day, moderate quickwater Inn based canoeing and hiking trip.

  Remote rugged coastline, breathtaking hikes,
and wonderful river choices hold us
spellbound throughout our stay

Newfoundland is a land of magnificent contrasts with its rugged coasts, majestic fiords, sparkling rivers, and open valleys. The people are warm and friendly, and quick to share their homeland. From the coastal village of Burgeo to the awe inspiring landscape of Gros Morne National Park our trip takes us deep into the heart of this enchanting province.
Lt. Col. William Wood described Newfoundland as an island of the sea. Nowhere else in North American does the sea enter so intimately into the lives of the people. We begin our journey in Burgeo, a small fishing community on the southern coast.

We settle in for four days at the Burgeo Haven Bed & Breakfast. Indeed a haven as innkeepers Martine and Dorim make us comfortable with their jesting wit, friendly nature and good cooking. The living room, with large picture windows overlooking the harbor, is the focal point of this comfortable home. As we gather around the table for meals we fall into the friendly banter usually experienced by close friends.

We begin by exploring the coastline of Burgeo. With miles of coastline mixed with islands and rock outcroppings there is plenty to discover. Waters are crystal clear and from our vantage point we experience up close the magical world of sea life just below us including starfish, sea cucumbers and much more. The beaches here are a well kept secret and the perfect place for picnics and wandering the dunes. After our day of paddling we return to Burgeo Haven to enjoy a glowing sunset, good food, conversation of the day's adventure and the anticipation of the day to come.

The Grandy's River is on the agenda one day. It promises to enchant us and give us a glimpse of the magic of this province. Usually we take time to walk across the peat bogs to a breathtaking waterfall and swim in the cool waters. Upon returning to Burgeo Haven we will have time to wander through the crooked streets of the village and begin to understand how our lives are connected to the sea.

Our journey continues to the Lloyds River. The Beothuks, the indigenous people of Newfoundland, used this river in their seasonal migrations. Spring and summer was spent on the coast hunting seals, whales and other sea mammals. As fall arrived family groups moved to the interior forests and barrens where caribou became a staple food throughout the winter. The Lloyds river is a lively run with long stretches of swifts and meandering sections through pine laden canyons. At day’s end we settle into the Marble Mountain Inn.

We leave the land of Beothuks to travel to one of the truly remarkable places in the world, Gros Morne National Park. Its inspiring scenery embraces the dramatic transition from the sea's edge to the towering rock walls of deep, land locked fiords. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987 Gros Morne easily meets the criteria as an area of exceptional beauty, geological significance and natural history.

The end of the day finds us at the Fisherman’s Inn in Woody Point. Located in the heart of the park it provides the perfect location to explore all that the park has to offer. There are a wide array of trails to enjoy and discover the park close up. At an interpretive center we will learn how this area came to be so special and marvel at nature's work. We may paddle along some of the coastal streams or hike along the beach to a remote lighthouse.

We save the Humber River for last. Just outside Gros Morne this remote river is the exclamation point on an already magical trip. As we gather for our farewell dinner we will reflect on our stay, and, perhaps, make plans to return soon to this magical province.

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