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Labrador Voyageur

11 day strenuous white water camping trip. A challenging adventure in one of the last great wildernesses. Labrador Voyageurs meet in Goose Bay Labrador Canada and are offered on:

Aug 21-31, 2006

Trip Price: $1795.00
Requested Single Supplement: $150..00.
Sleeping Bag Kit $55.00

Canoe Rental: included in trip price

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Lure of Labrador 

A spellbinding river surrounded by vast tundra, majestic
mountains and rugged coastlines.

A challenging adventure in one of
the last great wildernesses.

Vast, wild, and unpopulated, Labrador is a rugged and remote wilderness -- consummate Canada on a grandiose scale. From start to finish, canoeing in Labrador is a challenging adventure. Labrador is naturally striking and culturally intriguing. This is the land of stark, rugged scenery, from deep forests to treeless tundra, majestic mountains to rugged coastline.
It is home to the Inuit peoples, whose cultures and history are especially unique. Labrador is also home to black bears, eagles, osprey, terns and puffins, as well Arctic fox and the largest caribou herd in the world. In the sea, the whales continue their ageless migration while the seals play among the icebergs on their journey south. Timeless Labrador. We have come to experience the vastness by canoe on an extended wilderness white water canoe trip.

Our trip focuses on the north central part of the province, its most remote, wild and scenic section. Paddling the Ugjoktok River -- the "River of Bearded Seals" in Inuit is our mission.
We meet in Goose Bay/Happy Valley and spend our first evening at the Blake House. We are immediately immersed in the history of Labrador as the Blake House located in Northwest River is where the Hubbard expedition started their journey. In fact George Blake of Blake House, is the grandson of Blake who rescued the ill fated Hubbard expedition.
The next morning after breakfast we are off to meet our float plane and begin our journey into the Ugjoktok river. We fly into Harp Lake and set up our first evenings camp on an isolated sandbar beneath the canyon walled lake. As we explore the lake in the afternoon the majesty and size of Labrador begins to sink in. A fitting introduction to vast, unspoiled Labrador. If time permits, the short hike to Leila Falls makes real the landscape of our adventure.
The river's current is a mix of challenges and quiet sections giving us time to take in all that we can see. Mammoth sand and gravel banks line the river corridor, giving the power of the ice age a new reality. As we travel down the river we become a part of it nurturing and soothing the spirit and body.
The river keeps us spellbound on our float east to the icebergs of the Labrador Sea. Black Spruce, huge sand bars, and stark bluffs reinforce the sensation that Mina Hubbard wrote about years earlier of being on top of the world. It would seem that we are absolutely the first people to set footprints on the sand. Campsites are unlike any others... either vast sand bars, or protected interior sites carpeted with caribou moss. Wood is plentiful so the evening fire lasts far into the night, after the bugs have gone to rest.
Our first portage is an immense waterfall with a sneak route through Owls Cove. Sunset Point is a remarkable campsite with nearly 360 degree views of the canyon from Harp Lake. Rapids continue, with names like Fire Rapid, Boulder Dash, Paddle Right or Die, Ray's Run for Home and more. We will take the time for side hikes, and maybe wet a line or two as well.

When our river journey ends in Hopedale. We choose our return to Goose Bay/Happy Valley by charter plane or coastal ferry, but first we want to share some time with Inuit peoples. We will meet friendly and resourceful people, learn of their life and art, and explore the coastal environment that has sustained them for thousands of years. Labrador is the land of the imagination, and imagination knows no boundaries, where the morning sky is an invitation to adventure and the night sky is the backdrop for the Northern Lights. Paddling in Labrador is an opportunity to awaken your heart and soul.
The Lure of Labrador is a moderate to strenuous camping trip in the wilderness, so that some experience is necessary as well and being comfortable in the wilderness.


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