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On the 'Kill

Our home is on the Batten Kill, one of the
nation’s outstanding streams.

We think it’s just about the perfect all-around river. Famous the world over for trout fishing, it rises in the Green Mountains, flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in southern Vermont, and passes under four covered bridges on its way to the Hudson River.
We run an operation as good as the river. The water on the Batten Kill is lively and crystal-clear. Beginners float easily in the quietwater, while experienced canoeists enjoy other sections of quickwater and play in the eddies.

The Batten Kill valley was christened ‘The Valley of Vermont’ by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Arlington’s best known writer and novelist. In spring and summer the hills laugh with delight. There’s a feeling of perfect solitude off the roads, where one can peacefully reflect on the rich beauty of life.

From the bow of a canoe, the charm of the Valley quietly reveals itself and on its own terms. The rising slopes of Mount Equinox come gradually into view through the trees lining the riverbank. We float past lonesome country lanes, quiet meadows, deep woods and high mountainsides bathed in the sun. This is a small world apart made especially for canoeing. It is intimacy without equal.

Since we’re at home here on the Batten Kill, we have much more to offer you than any other outfitter. You can ‘have it your way’ on the ‘Kill. Whatever you choose, we won’t be surprised if you linger awhile in this special corner of Vermont.

Daytrip Canoe Rentals

Join us . . . you can paddle the Batten Kill for two hours or two days, or more. There are quiet sections, and quickwater. The choice is yours. Your trip begins at our shop. We’ll give you a map and go over your route to point out the particularly interesting places to swim, picnic awhile, as well as the difficult spots.

Then you’re off on your own to enjoy crystal-clear water that alternately tumbles, sparkles and flows as the river wends along it’s way.

At the end of your trip one of our radio-equipped shuttle vans will meet you and bring you back to your car. You check out, perhaps look over our selection of boats, books and gear, take a long last look down the river, and begin to make plans for another river trip.

The Batten Kill has a reputation beyond what one would expect, mostly because it’s a famous anglers’ stream. To promote and maintain cooperation between people fishing and floaters, and to reduce potential conflicts, our rental hours are between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm. Your cooperation and kind behavior is appreciated by all river users.

Canoe and Kayak Rental Rates
Our rental shop is open daily from May 1 through November 1, and rental rates are $65.00 per canoe midweek and $72.50 weekends and holidays. Kayak rentals are $40.00 per kayak midweek and $45.00 per kayak weekends and holidays. Each rental includes paddles, life jackets, a waterproof dry bag, as well as shuttle pick-up. Our equipment is the finest available: a selection of premium royalex canoes and kayaks from Mad River, Dagger, Old Town, Nova Craft and Esquif. For folks that have their own canoe/kayak we offer shuttle service for $21.50 per boat.

A Quick Guide to the River

The upper section is quiet water, famous for birds and fish. We quietly slip around the base of Mount Equinox near our main shop. Perfect for beginners and small children.
The middle river is wider and more open. After a tricky bend at the Roaring Branch, the pace quickens for some fun paddling to our River Base. Float under the 1852 Covered Bridge in West Arlington. Here you will find great woods, mountains on both sides and lots of sandbars and shady stretches around Eagleville Covered Bridge.
This is the most beautiful and remote section of the river, much of it far away from the roads and less used by boaters, fishers and other river users. This section boasts three covered bridges, great riverside ledges, deep swimming holes handsome woods with sweet private places to enjoy your day.


Our shop is located on route 7A midway between Arlington and Manchester.

From the south -- In Bennington take route 7 to exit 3 which is the Arlington exit. Follow the signs into Arlington which will put you on route 7A. We are located about 5 miles north of Arlington on route 7A on the right hand side.

From the north -- Come into Manchester and follow route 7A south. We are located about 5 miles south of Manchester shortly after Basketville.

Unguided BattenKill Vacations

BattenKill Vacations
"Who is there, I wonder, who doesn't want to escape from the speed and rudeness of today's living... and run back into the hills where nature goes along in its own ageless, inimitable way to refresh us... within and without." So said Norman Rockwell when he lived in the Valley of Vermont.
BattenKill Vacations are the ideal mini-vacations: these individual self-guided trips are just right for folks wanting to go it alone without the hassle of arranging details.

You pick the dates that are right for you any day, anytime. We do the rest. We make reservations for you at local country inns or bed-and-breakfasts, arrange shuttles, and tell you about all the best spots on the river and the best trails so you can plan the outing that suits you best. We are sure that we can fill at least six days of activity for you in our special corner of Vermont. Since we are at home here, we can offer much more than anyone else can. A day of canoeing, another hiking on the Long Trail, mountain biking isolated mountain roads... the choice is yours, with our guidance and maps

We want to give you the options for your vacation. Your confirmation packet will include a general outline of the choices, and each day our guides give complete briefings on the day's possibilities, and provide maps and detailed route suggestions listing your various outdoor options. Our aim is to give you total flexibility in choosing when you wake up, what time you leave the inn, and what kind of pace you set - with our maps and written route suggestions to guide you all along the way. In other words, we give you the tools to create your own travel experience. We will even pack a picnic lunch for you.

Choose how many days you would like, and the type of accommodations and we will do the rest. There is a fantastic selection of country inns in southern Vermont. Several of the inns that we have used include:
Hill Farm Inn, where the views are pleasing and the landscape is laid out like a lush carpet. Innkeeper Lisa Gray will be on hand to welcome us and make us feel immediately at home.
The Batten Kill Inn, is a charming victorian home with wonderful antiques and well decorated rooms.
Ira Allen Bed and Breakfast, a 200-year-old house, located just down the road from our shop. Newly renovated and close to our shop makes this a convenient choice for your BattenKill Vacation.
BattenKill Vacations include accommodations based on double occupancy at selected lodges, meals as specified, maps, canoes and shuttle pick-up and our expertise.

Days/Nights Country Inn B and B
2 /2 $399.00
3/3 $495.00
4/4 $598.00

Please call our office for details and a complete list of participating Inns and other details.

Guided Day Trips

Guided day trips are ideal for newcomers to canoeing. Designed for the apprehensive or timid paddler, guided day trips introduce folks to canoeing in a non-stressful environment.
There is a special magic to paddling your own canoe. Your introduction to paddling is designed to meet your needs and reduce any hesitations you might have about canoeing. A BATTENKILL guide will provide basic canoe instruction, personal knowledge of the river, as you enjoy a day on the river.
Guided Day trips are scheduled on Sunday's throughout the season. Reservations are requested and meet at our shop at 10:00 am and disband at 3:30. $70.00 per adult, 50.00 for 16 and under.

Batten Kill Clean-ups & Guest Festival

We continue our tradition of hosting two river clean-ups per year in May and September. We provide free canoe rentals and garbage bags for folks who join us. It is our way of saying thanks to the river, and urging all river users to do their part to keep the Batten Kill special. Call our office for exact dates.

BattenKill River Keepers

Welcome to paddling the Batten Kill, one of the nations’s outstanding streams. The Batten Kill is enjoyed by many people including landowners, anglers, canoers, swimmers, and folks out for a picnic.

Common sense, courtesy and flexibility will lead you to behavior that requires no apology to fellow river users, landowners or to the environment.

Know Your Limits

You should be aware that obstructions exist in the river. Our maps, pointers and briefing must not be complete. The river is a living force that is changing constantly. We can only point out only factors that we are aware of and it is your responsibility to know your limits and stay within them. It is mandatory to wear your PFD (life jacket) and to use all equipment properly.
All forms of trash must be carried off the river. You are responsible for leaving the river with everything you brought with you. An unexpected upset is not excuse. All food and beverages must be in a locking cooler, and no Styrofoam coolers are not permitted. Please take a minute and pick up any trash you might find that is left by inconsiderate river users. Leave nothing behind except the path of your paddle.
Respect Private Property
All of the land along the Batten Kill is private property. When we stop along the river, we are a guest of the landowner, and please treat is as you care for your home. Campers must always gain explicit permission of the landowner.
Cooperate with Other River Users
The Batten Kill is famed for its fishing and you will encounter many people fishing. Be aware they have established position long before you, and is your responsibility to avoid them. When approaching, attempt to float quietly behind so as to not disturb the area being fished. If that is not possible, wait until their line is in and pass by quietly.
We are All Responsible
The secret for all river users boils down to just a few things: communicate, be flexible, be reasonable, and use common sense. We are all caretakers of this river for future generations, so take care of it like it is your own house...because it is.

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