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Canoe France- Cevennes is 8 day, Lodge based moderate to quick water, canoe trip exploring the gorges and rivers of southernFrance.

 Canoe France--Cevennes trips meet at the Avignon TGV Train Station on:

2013 Trip Dates
June 30-July 7
Sept 21-28
Oct 26-Nov 2


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Canoe France


Canoe France-The Cevennes 

paddle the gorges of france

Travel for travels sake in the Cevennes and the Gorges of the River Tarn and Ardeche.

Discover life at a slower pace.  “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go; I travel for travel’s sake. To get down off this feather bed of civilization and to find the globe granite underfoot.”  So wrote Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878 when he traveled in the heart of the Cévennes.  And so it is with this yearning for travel that we look forward to discovering for ourselves the land that Stevenson encountered for himself so long ago. This trip will explore by canoe the sun-drenched good life.


We meet in Avignon and immediately begin our journey into the countryside. From the dawn of time, this territory has been inhabited. What early inhabitants built up slowly now constitutes our heritage.  From places of worship to dwellings, all bear witness to rural life over the centuries. The only way to truly discover the heart of the this region is by canoe, or foot.


The Tarn river and gorge is in the heart of the Cevennes National Park.  The park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it's diverse  mix of granite, limestone and schist and altitude range all play a role in the areas huge variety of flora and fauna.   Imagine the Grand Canyon with lush green vegetation, the odd castle here and there, and unbelievably pretty medieval villages clinging to pockets in the sheer cliff faces, some only reachable by boat. This is the Tarn, crystal clear waters running through the spectacular landscapes in the heart of the Grandes Causses regional park.


An unruly land full of tradition, the Cevennes  is a maze of deep valleys covered by  traditional chestnut groves.   We will enjoy two days at Chateau Le Cauvel  the perfect location to continue our discovery of the area on foot and follow in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson. 


From the high valleys of the Cevennes we continue on to the Ardeche river.  Over time water and nature has hollowed out a magnificent limestone gorge whose entrance is the natural arch known as the ‘Pont d’Arc’, over 80 metres high. Pale-green waters with easy ledge pool rapids that twist and turn down in spectacular isolation.


Our short but intense visit to the gorges of the Tarn and Ardèche has delighted us with stunning landscapes, culinary pleasures and a great appreciation of nature.  The rural and rugged setting of the Cévennes is a reminder of our past and the heritage we have to care for and pass on.


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