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Equinox Rambles meet at the Hill Farm Inn in Arlington VT and are offered on:

Tbut can be designed as a custom trip

This trip is currently on hiatus, but is available as a FIT Custom Departure

Trip Notes
Day by Day Itinerary
Equinox Ramble


Equinox Ramble

Canoeing and Walking in the

Valley of Vermont


The Green and Taconic mountain ranges along with the Batten Kill provide a spectacular background for our unique adventure. The combination of canoeing and walking allows us to fully discover this magical valley.

We will gain an understanding of why Norman Rockwell, Ethan Allan, and Dorothy Canfield Fisher all chose to call this place home. Our journey unfolds in the heart of the valley at the Hill Farm Inn, where the views are pleasing and the landscape is laid out like a lush carpet. The combination of relaxed country inn accommodations, exciting paddling and secluded tranquil walks make for the perfect weekend escape.

Our days will be spent exploring by foot on back roads, and pathways that lead us to hidden lakes and quiet overlooks. We take time to immerse ourselves in our surroundings and enjoy the here and now. Covered bridges and towering maple trees await us on the Batten Kill, an ideal canoeing river, we are invited to seek out its cooling swimming holes and quiet picnic spots.

We'll gather at the Hill Farm Inn. Located just down the road from our shop the inn offers the perfect location to fully explore and discover this wonderful valley. The classic farmhouse has wide board floors, antique furnishings and true country charm. Innkeepers Al and Lisa Gray will be on hand to welcome us and make us feel immediately at home. We'll soon sense the warm feeling of timeless relaxation. We settle into Hill Farm Inn for our entire trip allowing us the opportunity to fully explore this valley by foot and canoe.

On Saturday we plan a full day on the Batten Kill. The river offers gentle current while passing under four covered bridges. We will find isolated picnic spots and a chance to see kingfishers and blue herons long the bank. We can opt for a swim in the river and enjoy soaking up the sun on one of the many isolated river banks.
After a full day of activity we will settle into the peaceful serenity of the Hill Farm Inn. Relaxing on the large porch.

Sunday, after our fill at the breakfast table we set off for a walk in the Equinox Preservation area. Just a short drive from the inn and nestled at the base of Mount Equinox this preserve offers some wonderful wooded trails and overlooks with breathtaking views of the surrounding valley. After a morning hike we return to the Batten Kill where our canoes await. After a picnic lunch we let the river set a leisurely pace and we quickly settle into the melodic and soothing pace of the river. The Batten Kill flows through a picturesque valley where quick water alternates with smooth stretches, giving us plenty of time for swimming, sunning and photography.

Our journey ends as it began at the Hill Farm Inn where we linger over our good-byes, not
quite ready for the trip to end. We are relaxed and refreshed, having been inundated with crisp
mountain air, beautiful wilderness scenery, and breathtaking views of the lay of the land.

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