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Dumoine Voyageur

9 day, moderate whitewater camping trip. Dumoine Voyageurs meet at the Rolphton Motel in Rolphton Ontario Canada and are offered on:

2013 Trip Dates

July 20-29
Aug 10-19

Trip Price

Single Supplement: $150.00
Sleeping Bag Rental: $55.00

Airport Transfer: $55.00 per person round-trip from Ottawa Ontario Airport.

Trip Notes
Day by Day Itinerary
Dumoine Voyageur



Dumoine Voyageur

A magnificent river that combines outstanding
scenery and great paddling.

The Dumoine pirouettes through one of the finest stretches of canoeable whitewater in North America.

A sparkling jewel, the Dumoine is a canoe tripper's paradise. 75 kilometers of magnificent river. In this breathtaking river corridor, deep within the wilds of rural Quebec, the Dumoine pirouettes through what is one of the finest stretches of canoeable whitewater in all of North America. The location is remote, so remote that we'll fly in and canoe out for eight days of wilderness, whitewater and camping.
Rushing down an action packed, pool-drop riverbed of boulders and granite, the Dumoine flashes and dances through an invigorating multitude of rapids and waterfalls, with calm sections to collect our thoughts. The water is clear and clean; the fishing is heavenly; and the woods lining the banks are lovely to behold and ideal for camping. Becoming part of this river nurtures and strokes the body and spirit. It is a keenly satisfying experience.

The Dumoine is known for its consistent flows, more than adequate for whitewater throughout the summer. The river is predominantly class II with a few class III's thrown in to keep your attention, and some lakes to relax. We'll stop to scout all the major rapids and there is always a 'cheat' route. Our guides are expert coaches, and combined with your desire to learn, you can develop your river sense, whitewater skills and paddling confidence. If you choose not to run a particular rapid, one of the party can usually be convinced to run your canoe through.
Calm stretches and lakes along the Dumoine provide breathing space... time for a cool drink, a moment to focus on the blue vault of the sky and to soak in the quiet. Conifers, oaks and birches grip the cliffs and the steep slopes above. Taken together, the water, woods, and out-of-doors kiss the senses and massage the mind.
Our bush pilot straps the canoes on the pontoons, and flies us to Alligator Point in the midst of Lac Laforge, and the rest of the day is ours to explore and soak in the wilderness. We push off into the primeval forest, with all gear aboard our can
oes, severing for a time all contact with the outside world. The Dumoine is gentle for the first several days, quick water and easy rapids and several portages around waterfalls, but then the rapids build as with our own confidence. In all, we will encounter thirty-five rapids and eight portages on our descent to the Ottawa River.
We'll make camp at isolated wilderness sites fully immersed in the Dumoine's natural beauty. What's astounding for many folks who have joined us on the Dumoine is that the guides are no less competent as chefs. Kurt and Joe's Dutch Oven cooking is second to none, Carolyn's breakfasts are a bounty full, and Jim's Gumbo leaves you searching the river for fresh shrimp.
We'll be lulled to sleep by the Dumoine's gentle music. Our pace will be leisurely to enjoy the wilderness and spectacular scenery. We'll have free time for photography, fishing, swimming, sunning and relaxing, or for day hikes to the cliffs and waterfalls. As with all our trips, we incorporate canoeing instruction which includes paddle strokes, river reading and scouting techniques.

We will supply all food, canoes, tents, kitchen, first-aid and repair kits. You are responsible for personal clothing and gear, a sleeping bag and pad. A detailed list is included in your confirmation packet. Please call the office to visit with us if you have any questions about whether this trip is appropriate for you.

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