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It is so satisfying when we take the plunge of adventure - it's unfortunate that we invent so many reasons to put aside living our dreams of adventure. It is sometimes a tangled web that we weave through life. Some of the threads reveal a work-a-day world of commitments, duties and obligations. Other threads are of a quiet fabric of hope, responsibility and refreshment.

So take a moment to seize the adventure and visit our website at for details on our full line up of trips and make your dreams of adventure a reality.

Special Trip Discounts: 

Save 20% on the Vermont Sampler September 30 – the best of fall foliage. Canoe the best of Vermont as part of a free-spirited band of travelers, moving from river to river and inn to inn. Vermont is a kaleidoscope of rustic and panoramic beauty. Our days are simple and loosely structured, and evenings at the inns are relaxed and laid-back. It is Vermont distilled to its essence. Panoramic landscapes, quiet backroads, picturesque villages and isolated rivers come together like a patchwork quilt to give us a true insight to this special place

Our week is filled with new discoveries, wonderful paddling, lasting friendships and enchanting memories. We allow you to indulge in gourmet meals, roam antique shops, chat with locals on the porch, or curl up with a good book. By the end of the week, we guarantee that you’ll have unwound on the Vermont Sampler. Many guests describe it as a metamorphosis, widening from Sunday’s narrow focus of worry and hurry... to Friday’s smiles and hugs.

We have changed our policy on Trip Discounts. You must mention the e-CanNews discount when making your reservation since the discounts on our web site are only half of what the discount is here – it is our way to encourage you to let us continue to have access to your Inbox. 

On The Kill

We are open for Day Trip Canoe Rentals until October 15, or until the weather doesn’t permit. Our home river, the Batten Kill, is one of the nation’s outstanding streams -- just about the perfect all-around river. Famous the world over for trout fishing, it rises in the Green Mountains, flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in southern Vermont, and passes under four covered bridges on its way to the Hudson River.

Winter Trips in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

In a world that seems to have gone mad, Costa Rica shines like a light of sanity. We are proud of our Canoa Costa Rica trip that has been the cornerstone of our international trips. In addition we are pleased to add a new trip to our winter line up – Rica Nica, Canoes and Coffee. This trip will compliment our Solentiname & Rio San Juan Explorer very nicely and give the traveler a bounty of trip choices.

In recent years we have become more and more enthralled with their northern neighbor. Nicaragua, once the black sheep of Central America, is sorely misunderstood in the world. Since disappearing from the headlines in the early 1990s, life in Nicaragua has moved steadily forward. This is not a nation of perpetual crisis! The revolution and ensuing civil war ended in 1990 nearly 20 years ago. 

We are offering our EarlyBird Discount of 10% off the per person trip price if you make your reservation by Nov 1, 2007. That's right, you save 10% on your trip price and it helps us plan our season more effectively. As a special bonus, we will guarantee your departure so that you can plan your vacation with the knowledge that your trip will not be canceled for any reason. We appreciate the fact that you plan your vacation around our trips. So mark your calendar and plan to make your trip reservation by November 1st and save on your overall trip price.

Canoe Costa Rica is our classic Costa Rica Adventure. We combine comfortable lodges, and good food with canoeing to create the BATTENKILL blend of hospitality that we are known for. We travel at a leisurely pace, enjoying classic lodges, allowing us to soak in all that we can, now thoroughly immersed in the true fabric of Costa Rica. It all combines to create welcome befitting Costa Rica. Costa Rica Sampler trips are $22755.00 for 11 days/10 nights and are offered on: Nov 26-Dec 6, 2007, Jan 6-16, 2008, Feb 10-20, 2008 and March 2-12,2008.

Our Solentiname & Rio San Juan trip ( renamed this year from Explore Nicaragua) journeys to some of the most remote yet peaceful areas of Nicaragua. The rich history, diverse wildlife and artist community all come alive during our travels to the Archipelago of Solentiname and then don the Rio San Juan. This trip beckons the traveler wanting to experience new cultures and be immersed in nature’s lush surroundings. Explore Nicaragua trips are $1950.00 for 11 days/10 nights and offered on: Dec 20-30, 2007, Jan 31-Feb 10, 2008 and March 28-April 7, 2008.

Rica Nica – Canoes and Coffee is for lovers of tropical flora and fauna, Rica Nica is a dream date, a romance of tropical proportion. From the islands of Solentiname to the mountains of Matagalpa our journey takes us deep into Nicaragua. Pack a little extra patience and the brightest color film you can find and welcome to Nicaragua – the heart of AmericaRica Nica trips are $1750.00 for 11 days/10 nights and are offered on: Dec 6-16, 2007, Jan 17-27, 2008 and Feb 21-March 2, 2008.

What Makes Fall Foliage Color?

All during spring and summer the leaves have served as factories where most of the foods necessary for the trees' growth are manufactured. This food-making process takes place in the leaf in numerous cells containing the pigment chlorophyll, which gives the leaf its green color. Along with the green pigment, leaves also contain yellow or orange carotenoids--which, for example, give the carrot its familiar color. Most of the year these yellowish colors are masked by the greater amount of green coloring. But in the fall, partly because of changes in the period of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellowish colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor.

At the same time, other chemical changes may occur and cause the formation of additional pigments that vary from yellow to red to blue. Some of them give rise to the reddish and purplish fall colors of leaves of dogwoods, vine maples, and sumacs. Others give the sugar maple its brilliant orange or fiery red and yellow. These colors are due to the mixing of varying amounts of the chlorophyll and other pigments in the leaf during the fall season.

Fall weather conditions favoring formation of brilliant red autumn color are warm sunny days followed by cool nights with temperatures below 45 degrees F. Much sugar is made in the leaves during the daytime, but cool nights prevent movement of sugar from the leaves. From the sugars trapped in the leaves, the red pigment called anthocyanin is formed.

The degree of color may vary from tree to tree. For example, leaves directly exposed to the sun may turn red, while those on the shady side of the same tree or on other trees in the shade may be yellow. Also, the colors on the same tree may vary from year to year depending upon the combination of weather conditions. When there is much warm, cloudy, rainy weather in the fall the leaves may have less red coloration.

Through fallen leaves, nature has provided for a fertile forest floor. Fallen leaves contain relatively large amounts of valuable elements, particularly calcium and potassium, which were originally a part of the soil.

This is the time of year when it is just nice to go out and enjoy the spectacle and beauty of all the colorful leaves in the national forest


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Here on the Batten Kill, fall is in the air, and while the leaves have not yet started to turn, there is a crisp feel to the air. It is also an exciting time for us as well and we have just announced trip dates in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, as well as summer trips next year.

As we look ahead to joining friends in Nicaragua, it reminds us that we all must learn to love life, with all of its variables: To enjoy and rock the cradle of life. Our greatest duty as outfitters and guides is to inspire fellow travelers to become involved in the healing of our great mother earth and help nature rebuild her exquisite beauty and order. Our goal is to help ion the healing process that requires natures garden of life to be kept in glorious bedlam.

We pledge allegiance to our earth and to the universal spirit which gives us life -- one planet indivisible with peace and justice for all inhabitants. We pledge to do to our best to uphold the trust bestowed in the gift of life. We all must help, and to that end we invite all of you to join us in Solentiname Solidarity Alliance.

As we enter our 25th season, we are small enough to care, large enough to operate, young enough to keep a fresh outlook, and old enough to have the experience to be your guide. Our best to you, and we hope to see you on a river again, sometime, somewhere, but soon.

Peace and all the Best

Jim and Carolyn for all the folks at BattenKill


About BattenKill Canoe

We realize that people’s interests and definitions of the perfect vacation vary widely, so we offer a wide variety of distinctive canoe vacations. We avoid the commonplace for a vacation that goes well beyond the mundane. We have never considered ourselves as just another touring company.

Solentiname Solidarity Alliance

We pledge allegiance to our earth and to the universal spirit which gives us life. One planet indivisible with peace and justice for all inhabitants.

Socially responsible travel means a constant struggle to defend the earth and to protect and sustain traditional communities. Socially responsible tourism is a cooperative relationship between the non-wealthy local community and sincere open-minded travelers who want to enjoy themselves in an undeveloped region, and at the same time, enrich their consciousness by means of significant educational and cultural interchange.

Those of you who have traveled to Solentiname understand firsthand the special place that it is. Others may have heard about our activities there from their guide.

. Our primary projects in Solentiname Solidarity Alliance are:

  • The objective Solentiname Computer Project is to improve the quality of education and enhance the quality of life in Solentiname by setting up community computer labs, and ultimately providing laptop computers to colegio professors, primary school teachers, Sobresalientes (gifted motivated) students as well as adult community members. There are 55 students in computer class, along with all 6 primary school teachers
  • Selling of Art Prints to raise money for these projects.
  • Coordinating ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to the school and community
  • Sister Schools is a unique initiative for primary, middle and high school students, linking schools in the United States with schools in Nicaragua in cross-cultural classroom learning partnerships. The Project builds and connects communities of youth action through cultural understanding, leadership training, and community service.
  • Exchange students, both for a student from Solentiname to attend high school or University in the United States, and for US students to attend colegio in Solentiname and volunteer.
  • To expand the educational opportunities for gifted and motivated (sobresalientes) secondary students in Solentiname to enable them to reach their potential and be better prepared for post secondary education.
  • The objective of Solentiname 2020 is to create a clear vision for the future of the Archipelago of Solentiname that is proactive, and locally guided and managed.

We are thankful for all of the support we have received and invite anyone who would like to know more about the Alliance and how to support these projects and others please contact us. We enjoy hearing from folks and sharing in ways that we can give back to the larger community.

Thank you.


visit us at
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