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Dumoine Voyageur

9 day, moderate whitewater camping trip. Dumoine Voyageurs meet at the Rolphton Motel in Rolphton Ontario Canada and are offered on:

2013 Trip Dates

July 20-29
Aug 10-19

Trip Price

Single Supplement: $150.00
Sleeping Bag Rental: $55.00

Airport Transfer: $55.00 per person round-trip from Ottawa Ontario Airport.



Dumoine Voyageur

A magnificent river that combines outstanding
scenery and great paddling.

The Dumoine pirouettes through one of the finest stretches of
canoeable whitewater in North America.

A sparkling jewel, the Dumoine is a canoe tripper's paradise. 75 kilometers of magnificent river. In this breathtaking river corridor, deep within the wilds of rural Quebec, the Dumoine pirouettes through what is one of the finest stretches of canoeable whitewater in all of North America. The location is remote, so remote that we'll fly in and canoe out for eight days of wilderness, whitewater and camping.

Rushing down an action packed, pool-drop riverbed of boulders and granite, the Dumoine flashes and dances through an invigorating multitude of rapids and waterfalls, with calm sections to collect our thoughts. The water is clear and clean; the fishing is heavenly; and the woods lining the banks are lovely to behold and ideal for camping. Becoming part of this river nurtures and strokes the body and spirit. It is a keenly satisfying experience.

The Dumoine is known for its consistent flows, more than adequate for whitewater throu
ghout the summer. The river is predominantly class II with a few class III's thrown in to keep your attention, and some lakes to relax. We'll stop to scout all the major rapids and there is always a 'cheat' route. Our guides are expert coaches, and combined with your desire to learn, you can develop your river sense, whitewater skills and paddling confidence. If you choose not to run a particular rapid, one of the party can usually be convinced to run your canoe through.
Calm stretches and lakes along the Dumoine provide breathing space... time for a cool drink, a moment to focus on the blue vault of the sky and to soak in the quiet. Conifers, oaks and birches grip the cliffs and the steep slopes above. Taken together, the water, woods, and out-of-doors kiss the senses and massage the mind.
Our bush pilot straps the canoes on the pontoons, and flies us to Alligator Point in the midst of Lac Laforge, and the rest of the day is ours to explore and soak in the wilderness. We push off into the primeval forest, with all gear aboard our canoes, severing for a time all contact with the outside world. The Dumoine is gentle for the first several days, quick water and easy rapids and several portages around waterfalls, but then the rapids build as with our own confidence. In all, we will encounter thirty-five rapids and eight portages on our descent to the Ottawa River.
We'll make camp at isolated wilderness sites fully immersed in the Dumoine's natural beauty. What's astounding for many folks who have joined us on the Dumoine is that the guides are no less competent as chefs. Kurt and Joe's Dutch Oven cooking is second to none, Carolyn's breakfasts are a bounty full, and Jim's Gumbo leaves you searching the river for fresh shrimp.
We'll be lulled to sleep by the Dumoine's gentle music. Our pace will be leisurely to enjoy the wilderness and spectacular scenery. We'll have free time for photography, fishing, swimming, sunning and relaxing, or for day hikes to the cliffs and waterfalls. As with all our trips, we incorporate canoeing instruction which includes paddle strokes, river reading and scouting techniques.

We will supply all food, canoes, tents, kitchen, first-aid and repair kits. You are responsible for personal clothing and gear, a sleeping bag and pad. A detailed list is included in your confirmation packet. Please call the office to visit with us if you have any questions about whether this trip is appropriate for you.

Dumoine Voyageur Trip Notes
Where and when to go...and how to get there

The Rolphton motel is located on Highway 17 in Rolphton Ontario. We usually arrive at the motel between 6 and 8 PM depending on travel time and airport pickups, we'll see you there. After dinner we will gather together for a short trip orientation and then distribute gear bags for packing. Lodging and meals for this evening are not included in the overall trip price, and a room at the motel averages $60.00.

Meeting Location
Rolphton Motel
Rolphton, Ontario
phone 613.586.2324
Travel -- Getting to Rolphton
Driving -- Rolphton is approximately 2 hours west of Ontario on Highway 17. The motel is located in the small community of Rolphton on Highway 17. It has a large red roof and is next door to a small gas station. Cars can be left at Bradley Air Service for the duration of the trip or at the take-out.
Flying -- Our gateway airport is the Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Please make arrangements to arrive at the Ottawa airport between 3:00 and 5:00 PM day 1 of the trip. Return flights must be after 9:00 PM on the last day of the trip. We recommend staying an extra night in the Ottawa area and we can help you in making those arrangements. If airport transfer is desired, arrangements must be made in advance, our vehicle will meet you for transfer to Rolphton and return. Round trip transfer is $55.00 per person, and flight arrangements must be confirmed with our office 10 days prior to the trip.
Trip Logistics and Gear
BattenKill Canoe will provide all community camping equipment including cooking gear and tents. Meals are included, beginning with lunch on Day 1 after flying into Lac Laforge, and ending with lunch on Day 9. In addition we will furnish dry bags for your personal gear. One dry bag will be given to each two persons. The dimensions of the bag are approximately 17" x 32". Think of it as the size of being able to fit your personal gear (clothing, etc.), in a small carry-on bag that will fit under the seat of an airplane -- not including your sleeping bags and pads. Regarding sleeping bags, it is most important that we utilize modern compressible sleeping bags to economize on space.
A packing hint that our guides use is to use small stuff sacks to help organize gear inside the dry bags making it easier to find individual items. We will have an assortment of colored (organized by person by color) stuff sacks for use, as well as some compression sacks for compressing sleeping bags.
The trip price includes canoe rental. We have an assortment of canoes, usually Dagger Dimensions, and Legends along with Mad River Revelations and Explorers that are fully outfitted for whitewater paddling, with knee pads, thigh straps, tie downs and supplemental floatation. If you would like to try a specific model, please give us a call. If you would like to bring your own canoe please give us a call to make sure it is appropriate for this river.
The float planes can carry one (1) tandem canoe, two people and gear per flight. Our trip prices are based on tandem canoes, and because of logistics, space and weight restrictions involved in flying in solo canoes, a $250.00 surcharge must be assessed for solo paddlers.

The Trip
Our pace will be leisurely, to enjoy the wilderness and spectacular scenery. We will have free time for photography, fishing, swimming, sunning and relaxing, or for day hikes to the cliffs and waterfalls along our route.
We'll make camp at isolated wilderness sites fully immersed in the Dumoine's natural beauty. Meals will be special affairs featuring fresh food and dutch oven delights, served around the crackling campfire.
The trip is participatory in the sense that your assistance is welcome, though not required. While our guides will organize and provide direction, many hands help make short work.
As with all our trips, we incorporate instruction including paddling strokes, river reading and scouting techniques, as well as responsible camping practices.
The suggested itinerary is subject to revision due to campsite availability, trip logistics, weather, and other circumstances outside of our control.
This trip entails several portages ranging in length from 50 yds to 1500 yds. Portage trails are primitive and rugged. Guests will need to assist in each portage to the best of their ability.
Day 1:
Travel day to the Rolphton Motel in Rolphton, Ontario. After dinner we will gather for a short trip orientation and repack gear into dry bags. Welcome.
Day 2:
We will be up early to meet our pilot at Bradley Air. It will require a few trips to get all our canoes, gear, and ourselves to Lac Laforge. We will be dropped off at Alligator Point where we plan to set up camp. Today allows us time to get warmed up and do a bit of instruction before our week of adventure.
Alligator Point is a mallet-shaped peninsula complete with pine-canopied campsite and sand beach cove. It gets its name from a kind of amphibious logging skidder that was used during the early river drive days. Rusting skeletons of two alligators can be found a short distance from our campsite.
Day 3:
This will be a casual day allowing time for further instruction and exploration. We'll be paddling mostly Class I water today with a few swifts and fast water sections thrown in. After two short portages we will make camp near Twin Falls. There will be time in the afternoon to relax by the falls, go for a swim or further explore this wonderful section of river.
Evening at camp will be filled with good food, stories of the day, and soaking in the surrounding wilderness.
Day 4:
After a hearty breakfast we leave Twin Falls behind and head toward Triple Play, also known as Grunt Portage (get the idea)! Once the portage is complete we will look forward to a day of moving water and exciting rapids. Bridge rapids, a long Class II rapid will drop us into Lac Benoit. This is a popular starting point for 3-4 day trips on the Dumoine, and where we will set up camp for the evening. If we are lucky, we may see or hear the resident loons which add a haunting magic to our evening campfire.
Day 5:
After a relaxing paddle across Lac Benoit, we get ready for a series of rapids. 'Tight Around the Bend', 'Canoe Eater', 'Double Choice' and 'Thread the Needle' make up some of the Class II-III rapids we will run before finishing our day at Little Steele Falls.
Little Steele Falls is a long rapid requiring some portaging. The nice thing about it is that camp is just at the end of the rapid and we have options on how much (or how little) of the rapid we would like to run.
We will want to get to camp early enough to take advantage of a wonderful swimming hole as well as challenge ourselves surfing in the waves. For the energetic and adventuresome (or crazy) there may be the opportunity to carry canoes up the portage trail and run the rapid again.
Day 6:
We typically choose to have a layover day today. This enables us to settle into our camp sight, have a leisurely brunch, try our luck fishing, or play in the rapids. All in all a relaxing day letting ourselves be pulled deeper into the fabric of the river.
Day 7:
Today will probably be our longest day covering almost 24 kilometers. We will paddle a mixture of flat water and quick water, and encounter rapids like 'Big Steele', 'Z' and 'Turner'. As we settle into our daily routine we are constantly amazed by nature and all she has to offer. Strange monolithic forms shaped by years of running water can be found at the top of Big Steele rapid, while secluded ponds make us wonder how early pioneers felt about this special place. Evidence of the logging era can be seen along the river in the form of old log slides and skidways.
We'll begin to see our first signs of civilization as we pass the Dumoine Rod & Gun Club. This and other camps are noticeable along the river, but, fortunately for us, are not occupied during the summer months.
Camp tonight will be at the end of Turner rapid. Here we will find a small sandy island with a chance to soak in the evening sky before the sound of the water lulls us to sleep.
Day 8:
The river keeps a low profile this morning until just past Rowanton where the hills once again make an abrupt ascent to the sky. We will begin to hear the muted rumble of Grande Chute from a distance, the hills acting like an echo chamber. Grand Chute is a series of three waterfalls cutting their way through a gorge before emptying out into Lac Robinson. We can get a spectacular view of the falls from a bridge by the ZEC station before starting our portage. We will carry our gear down the road trail, and then enjoy the walk back (for the next load) along the scenic river route. This portage is about 1 mile (one way) and many hands make light work, so it won't be long before we are once again underway.
After a peaceful paddle across Lac Robinson, we will make camp in the center of Red Pine our opinion one of the best rapids on the river. Five long exciting rapids make up Red Pine, providing us with a series of play holes and challenging ledge drop rapids. By choosing this location for camp, we get exciting rapids at the end of the day and more exciting rapids first thing in the morning!
Day 9:
Perhaps we will linger in camp a little longer this morning, not quite ready to get back into the real world. Our last day of paddling brings us by Bald Eagle Cliff, a spectacular cliff with breathtaking views. Today the river settles down to a slow pace, with swifts, small rapids and our final portage at Bowman's Falls. Finally we find ourselves at the confluence of the Ottawa River, after crossing the Ottawa we are at Driftwood Provincial Park unpacking and saying our good-byes.
Times may vary based on weather and wind conditions


What to Bring

__sun hat
__rain hat or hood on raincoat
__good quality rain jacket & pants (no ponchos)
__medium weight shirt or sweater (wool or pile/fleece)
__light cotton long-sleeved shirt
__light cotton t-shirts
__warm polypro, pile or wool pants
__light cotton or nylon pants
__bathing suit
__river shoes (sandals, sneakers or booties)
__polypro underwear
__socks (cotton or wool or polypro)
__camp shoes (tennis shoes or soft shoes)
__light weight gloves
__toiletries (biodegradable soap i.e., Dr. Bonner or Campsuds)
__washcloth and towel (packtowel)
__sun screen & lip balm
__insect repellant & bug jacket
__sunglasses with securing strap
__personal first aid kit
__flashlight (extra batteries & bulb)
__pocket knife
__sleeping bag and pad*
__water bottle
Optional items:
__camera & film
__fishing gear (breakdown please)
__notebook and pen
__inflatable pillow
__flask of alcohol (no glass)

*sleeping kit rentals available (sleeping bag and pad) $55.00

This is a suggested list, we anticipate that you will have your own idea of what is "necessary". By all means follow your instincts, but please remember all our gear must fit in our canoes--pack is limited!! If you have any questions on what to bring or space restrictions, or any other questions, please give us a call. 802.362.2800

Trip Notes Supplement

General Information
If you have any questions or need special arrangements please call our office. Regular office hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday in season. We are open Saturday and Sunday for day trip rentals, but our office staff is limited on weekends. We are generally closed Saturday through Tuesday November through April, although you may catch us in by chance other times.
Trip prices include lodging, all meals (except when noted) guide services and accompanying support van. Trips generally meet mid to late afternoon of the first day, and disband mid to late afternoon of the last day. We may be compelled to increase or decrease trip prices on trips due to matters beyond our control, such as currency exchange, airfare, taxes or price increases. Gratuities for BattenKill guides and other staff are appreciated, but are left entirely to your discretion.
Reservations and Confirmation
Often it is easier to call our office to check for availability and to make reservations. We request a deposit of $500.00 per person to confirm this trip. Immediate confirmation is possible using your credit card for the deposit.
On receipt of your deposit we prepare a complete confirmation packet, including a full itinerary, personal equipment list, meeting location with directions, and application for short?term trip cancellation insurance. Your confirmation letter will outline the balance which is due at the trip meeting for domestic trips, and 60 days prior for Canadian and other International trips. We strongly recommend that you obtain this cancellation insurance, which reimburses you for nonrefundable costs and deposits should you have to cancel your trip due to a personal emergency.
inal Payment
Final payment is due 60 days prior to the departure date and can be paid by check or credit card. Please refer to your confirmation letter for the amount due.
Cancellation and Refunds
Notification must be received by BATTENKILL CANOE LTD. (BCL) in writing. If you must cancel, but
wish to reschedule for another trip, we will do our best to accommodate you. If you must cancel more than 45 days prior to departure, a refund of 50% of the per person deposit, OR a 100% credit valid for another trip. There are no refunds possible with less than 45 days notice or for leaving a trip early or arriving late.
Tips and Gratuities
Gratuities for the inn and food portion of your trip are paid by BCL. Gratuities for BATTENKILL guides are appreciated, but are left to your discretion. Each year the guide staff of BATTENKILL CANOE pledge to pool a portion of their tips and donate them to an outreach program. Over the past several years these outreach programs have included a scholarship program for a high school student in the remote village of Yorkin in Talamanca, Costa Rica, supporting the Ninos in la Calle program (alternative education program for the street kids) in Somotillo Nicaragua, financial and educational support to the BattenKill Watershed Council and an annual donation to the Vermont ACLU.
If you would like to find out more about these projects or have suggestions for other projects your guides would be happy to visit with you. This is just one of the ways we are able to reach out to the greater community and practice socially responsible travel.
Airline Reservations
Our airline desk is able to assist you in making our airline reservations, and we are pleased to do so. We can book with all the major carriers and would be happy to assist you with your travel plans.
We almost always follow through with our entire trip schedule. However, we must reserve the right to cancel a trip or to make changes to the itinerary if necessary due to weather and/or water conditions, insufficient reservations or other factors outside of our control. Although it is unlikely, if we must cancel your trip, you may choose between: 1. A 100% refund of all monies paid, or 2. A 150% credit of your original deposit for a future trip with BATTENKILL. This constitutes full settlement, and BATTENKILL can not be held responsible for other costs incurred.
Guaranteed Dates & Small Trip Charge
Since you plan your vacation around our trip, it is our responsibility to run every trip scheduled if four or more persons are on the roster. A number of fixed costs make it more expensive to operate a trip with six members than one with 12. We budget our trips with a nearly full sign up, to enable us to price them at the lowest possible cost.
We will still run your trip if four or more guests are on the roster. However, we will be obliged to add a small trip surcharge if there is a low sign up of between four (4) and seven (7) participants. The small trip surcharge is ten (10) percent of the published price.
If you make your reservations 6 months prior to departure, you will qualify for our Earlybird Discount which guarantees your departure regardless of the number of people on the roster.

Accommodations & Meals
Our standard accommodation is two per room, generally with a private bath. Usually singles and triples are available. BCL provides three meals per day, beginning with dinner on the first evening and ending with lunch on the last day (except where noted).
On our Voyageurs we provide top quality tents along with all other group camping gear. You are requested to bring only a sleeping bag and pad, as well as your personal gear. If you choose not to bring your own sleeping bag, you may rent one of ours which includes a cotton liner and foam pad.
Bringing the Kids
We believe that sharing an adventure with your kids or grandkids is a life-enhancing experience. Children twelve years of age or older are welcomed on all trips. Special arrangements must be made for all children 7-12. Regular discount is 25% off the trip price for folks under 18 years old.
Guest Responsibility
You must understand that river trips involve some risk. Guests are responsible for: choosing a trip that suits their abilities, level of fitness and state of health; arriving at the trip start with the clothing and gear recommended in the confirmation packet; respecting the laws and customs of the countries visited; following environmental guidelines and regulations while on the trip in accordance with guides direction; and respecting the rights and privacy of other trip members. You will be asked to sign a Hold Harmless and Release of Liability form prior to your trip.
BATTENKILL CANOE reserves the right to substitute lodges, leaders and to alter the itinerary when deemed necessary or advisable. BCL shall not be liable, directly or indirectly for any delay, cancellation, mishap, inconvenience, expense, personal injury or death, or damage of property for any reason whatsoever, including acts of God. BATTENKILL reserves the right to decline to accept, retain, or ask to leave any person whose actions or deportment impede trip operation, or rights, welfare and enjoyment of other trip members. No refund is possible under these circumstances. Payment of deposit, and release of credit card number represents your acceptance of these terms and conditions. All disputes shall be settled by binding arbitration in Bennington County Vermont.
About BattenKill Trip Guides
We are proud of the folks who lead our trips, and help make an extra special adventure for you. Each recognizes, welcomes and encourages the varying skills and interests of each guest.
On the first evening of our get-together, we will conduct a simple orientation of the trip to come, and go over safety regulations. You will be asked to sign a liability of release form, and we will collect your final payment then.
A Word About Equipment
Canoe rental is included in your trip price. You are welcome to bring along your own canoe if you would like, just let us know. We furnish premium canoes, paddles and PFD's (life jackets). We feature canoes by Mad River, Dagger, Old Town and others. If you have a particular canoe you would like to demo, please give us a call and we will attempt to have one available.
And So On...
Also, enclosed is our suggested personal equipment checklist. Little things like lip balm, sun blocks and dry socks make a big difference, so check it over carefully.






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