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Greetings from Carolyn Parker, Director of Touring for BattenKill Canoe.

As we enter our twenty second year of offering canoe and walking trips I am enthusiastic about our line up of trips. Over the years our motto has become ‘to go beyond the end of the road’. With this thought in mind we are open to a world of possibilities of offering trips in unique settings, going where no one else is going, and being willing to adventure off the well-beaten path.

Canoe trips in Vermont are our trademark, from daytrips to five day excursions, calm rivers to whitewater, luxurious country inns to rustic campsites. With quiet villages, warm hospitality, green mountains and late summer sunsets as our backdrop it is easy to capture the moment and feel apart of this place we call home.

Through the years our trip offerings have broadened from our home in Vermont to include offering distinctive outdoor vacations in Quebec, Newfoundland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Scotland. We are excited about two new trips this season, Canoe Belize and Canoe France. Both trips promise wonderful paddling, rich history, splendid food, and friendly people.

Our Dumoine River trip is perfect for the person who is looking for a wilderness camping trip. The Dumoine reflects a spirit that is found in themagic of the river; its quiet presence at dawn, the exhilaration that comes from running its whitewater, and at dusk the haunting calls of the loons add to the warmth of the campfire.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua have become the cornerstone of our winter season. We avoid the commonplace and discover this beautiful country from a different perspective. From lush rainforests, spectacular rivers, bountiful food and friendly people we encourage you to take in all this country has to offer.

The Highlands of Scotland invite us to discover all of their charm. On foot and by canoe we get to places that most tourists don’t see from a car. We settle into a slower pace of life, taking time to discover and explore the splendid landscapes, open rugged coastline, hills of heather and dancing rivers.

So I invite you to travel with us beyond the end of the road. To experience for yourself the welcoming inns, glowing campfires, gentle rivers, lush rainforests and the special world of canoeing. Always keeping in mind that the journey takes place along the way and the real adventure is in discovery.

Enjoy the adventure


Carolyn Parker
Director of Touring

Why Go With Us

We combine our knowledge of the sweetest places of the outdoors with a selection of country inns and camping areas for our own special brand of hospitality. BattenKill Canoe is the premier organizer of canoeing and walking trips from our home in Vermont.

Since 1983, BattenKill has travelled to regions of the world which combine unique cultural interest and natural beauty with the interesting eclectic accommodations and gourmet dining. We travel in parts of the world that are showcases for human creativity and the endless possibilities of nature. We begin by looking for days of great canoeing and walking between interesting sights. Nature provides most of the ingredients of our trips. It's what we do behind the scenes that makes your vacation with us top-notch.

Our attention to detail allows you to unbend and unwind, to leave your worries behind.
Our trips involve canoeing and walking manageable distances each day, treating ourselves well in the evening, and exploring a region intimately. We move slowly along quiet medieval ways and vineyard trails, steering our travellers off the well-worn path to experience the hidden treasures and extraordinary diversions in every region we travel.

Our trips are not marathons. Daily distances can be easily managed in a few hours if you want to rush. If you enjoy leisure sports and keeping in reasonable shape, you’ll find BattenKill Canoe touring exactly what you had in mind.
Our goal has always been to rise above the rest, to guarantee more than just an ordinary canoe trip, to provide you with a vacation that goes beyond the mundane.
We plan vacations, not expeditions.





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