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FIT/Independent Journeys Worksheet

Please give us an idea of your interests and what is important in your vacation. If there are several that could apply, please rank, and likewise cross off choices that should not be considered.

  1. What activities interest you?
    Bird Watching
    White Water Rafting,
    Mountain Biking
    Sea Kayaking
    Nature Watching
    Snorkel and Swim
    Canopy Tour (zip lines)

  2. What do you want to do & experience?
    Easy flatwater rivers
    Easy whitewater rivers class I & II
    I want Class III+ whitewater
    Rain forests
    Cloud forests
    White water rivers
    Hidden valleys
    Cities & Museums

  3. How about Food?
    Simple locally prepared food
    Unique good food with some choices for the main dish
    We live to eat, specialty gourmet meals are important

  4. How do you want to Sleep?
    We want to camp in the wilderness
    Simple rooms but bug free
    A bathroom down the hall is ok
    My own bathroom, with a door
    Simple, clean and intimate
    Elegant, elegant and luxurious
    My own jacuzzi and deck over-looking the ocean
    Big, all inclusive resort

  5. How Hard do You Want to Work?
    What do you mean, I am on Vacation -- I want to relax
    I would like full days, but some time to relax
    Let's keep moving, but I want to smell the flowers.
    Fill the days from dawn to dusk--this is not a Vacation

Please review our worksheet and share with us any other thoughts that might be helpful, like: Who is this group, are you family or friends, and how well do we know each other. What are some of your past traveling experiences?

We will have lots of questions as we develop the itinerary, but experience has proven the more information we get as we start planning the trip, the more successful we are meeting your expectations. The next step will be to visit to determine the itinerary, how long, and other questions. Generally this is best done by phone, but email can also work, but it is difficult to see the shades of gray in email.

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