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We want our brochures and e-mail to be a welcome sight, so please help us eliminate unwanted mailings.
To make a change simply call, fax or e-mail us and let us know if you: have moved or if your name or address is incorrect, are receiving duplicate mailings, or would like to be removed from our mailing list.

Our Privacy Policy is simple. We promise that we will never, ever, ever share your personal information including your postal and/or e-mail address or with any another company, organization, John Ashcroft -- the feds, or anyone else that might want to get their hands on your info. We value our privacy and pledge to protect yours.



Thanks for traveling with us. We now have a favor to ask of you. We are very eager to hear your honest opinion and your thoughts of how we can improve our trips. We will use your comments to assess our operations. Your impressions are also helpful for people contemplating a trip similar to yours, so please be descriptive. 

e-mail address:   

Day Phone: 
Evening Phone:  

Trip Name: 
Departure Date: 

1. Did the trip meet your expectations:  yes   no

2. Was the orientation/introduction to the trip helpful. What should be added or deleted?

3. What would you have liked to know in advance that you did not know, or what advice would you offer to future travelers going on this trip?

4. What places and/or experiences did you enjoy the most? 

5. What places and/or experiences did you enjoy the least? 

6. Was the pace of the trip: Too Slow  About Right   Too Fast

Please relative rating for the following with 5 being excellent - best. 

7. Reservation Process. Did you book directly with BattenKill, (yes or No  ) or with a booking agency who represented us.

Is the published description of the trip accurate

Was the office knowledgeable about the details of this trip?   

Was the confirmation packet and pre-trip information accurate and helpful    

Please rate how well prepared you were for this trip.      


8. Please rate your Guides and other staff on the trip. 

Were you guides proficient and patient instructors? 

Were the river and hiking briefings articulate and adequate? 

Were your guides knowledgeable about the area?

Were your guides safety conscious?

Please comment about the interaction between guests and guides.

9. Please rate your accommodations and meals provided by the lodges?

Please comment about the general setting and location.
Were the Innkeepers and staff at the inn attentive to your needs.
Room size and general comfort.
Did you enjoy the meals served by the inns? 
Please rate the overall ambiance of the inn. 
Please feel free to make comments about specific inns below:

10. Please share your thoughts about the rest of the group?

Did you enjoy the company of your fellow trip participants
Were they well prepared for the trip
Were there enough options to preserve your independence

11. Your thoughts on Trip Logistics? 

Choice of Rivers and Hikes 

Care in Driving
Quality of canoes and other equipment provided by BattenKill
Overall Organization of the trip. 
Meals provided by BattenKill. 
Relationship of value to trip to trip cost

12. What new trips would you like to see BattenKill organize in the future? 

13. If you were tell a friend about BattenKill Canoe, what would you say? 

14. Would you be willing to serve as a reference for this trip. yes    No Thanks.
If yes, how would you prefer to be contacted? email    
  telephone--day evening Mail Only

15. Anything else for us? 

16. Occasionally we are looking for outside assistance from people in different professions who are eager to trade/barter for these services. If you would like have your name on file for potential future projects, please describe your special skills. 

And lastly, in appreciation for taking the time to complete our evaluation, we have credited your account with a 5% discount for the land portion on your next trip. It is our way of saying thank you, and inviting you to travel with us again. 

Peace and all the Best 

Carolyn Parker 

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