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Donde, or Where do WeTravel

From our home in Vermont we offer trips in special places,
places as special as Vermont.

Our world is not the whole wide world. And we don't offer tours to every corner of the planet. We specialize in the regions in which we live. This eclectic mix of world-class destinations is our specialty, and our focused approach to active travel in each of the below regions affords you an extraordinary experience.



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Costa Rica



In a world that seems to have gone mad, Costa Rica shines like a light of sanity. We are pleased to be associated with the country chosen by the United Nations as the site of the University of Peace. It's President received the Nobel Peace Prize for his enlightened leadership, and alone among it's neighbors has no army. Costa Rica is doubly more blessed: first for its incredible natural environment, and once more for the warmth and friendliness of its people. Indeed a special destination for new world explorers.
Costa Rica is a beautiful, peaceful Central American country and a tiny gem of wonderful natural diversity. Few areas of the earth rival the sheer beauty of Costa Rica. Rainforests, volcanos, jungles, isolated beaches, coral reefs, toucans, and monkeys, are all protected within a world–renowned system of preservation. It is the crown jewel of the Americas and a meeting place for wilderness lovers from both the northern and southern hemispheres. Famous for its enlightened approach to conservation Costa Rica has approximately 27% of its land protected in one form or another.
The rivers of Costa Rica are outstanding for canoeing. The canoe is the best vehicle to explore the remote wildlife, fauna and birds, and to soak in the special beauty of Costa Rica. We will walk and paddle through landscapes of rarest green, rolling down purple mountainsides to the turquoise oceans below. Here the air is sparkling clear, the people are considered some of the most friendly in the world and hospitality is a long tradition.
Costa Rica's enlightened attitudes harbor an astounding ecological diversity: tropical rainforests, wonderful colorful birds and butterflies and waterfalls. The primary purpose of our expeditions is to experience a cross section of Costa Rica rich variety. Immersed in the peaceful stillness, we will savor the beauty at a welcoming pace.
Our trips go off the beaten path to remote quiet and seldom traveled parts of the country. With several distinctly different trips we will introduce you to Costa Rica's natural delights. After a qrand dinner, and a quiet night at the Fluer de Lys Hotel, a remodeled ambassador's house we leave the hustle and bustle of San Jose for the country lanes we have come to visit.
We are proud to have developed the first and still only canoe trips in Costa Rica. These trips are exclusive BattenKill trips operated by Costa Rican guides some of whom join us in Vermont for our summer trips.





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