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A Quick Word about Discounts

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Dear Friends;

Discounts, we all want them, but we also need to be able to get a fair price so that we can afford to run your trip as you expect us to run it. Having said that, we do offer from time to time promotional discounts to encourage sign up. These are often an attempt to entice people to join EarlyBird’s whose trip has been guaranteed, or to fill the last several spots on a trip.

A summary of discounts that you might expect from BattenKill:

EarlyBird Discount is offered when you make your reservation 6 months before trip departure. Sometimes we extend the EarlyBird, but it is always available making reservations 6 months in advance. The EarlyBird saves 10% on your trip price, and more importantly guarantees your trip departure. These Guaranteed Trip Dates often leads us to the next discount you will might see.

Value Voucher In the quest of fairness and customer satisfaction, if we offered a discount to entice others to sign up on a trip that you paid full price for, we will extend a similar discount to you to join us on a future trip. You are entitled to a Value Voucher. You may apply the credit of the Value Voucher up to a maximum of 10% of the trip price to any future BattenKill trip.

You may also combine discounts, however the maximum is 20% off any one trip and generally we will apply the larger discount in full, and allow 50% of the smaller discount. Value Vouchers do not expire.

Save 10% on the following Trips

We would like to tempt you with some Special Trip Discounts

Save 10% on two special trips. Vermont Sampler May 20 departure and Newfoundland Explorer on August 2. We have changed our policy on Trip Discounts. You must mention the e-CanNews discount when making your reservation since the discounts on our web site are only half of what the discount is here – it is our way to encourage you to let us continue to have access to your Inbox. Our Vermont Sampler is classic Vermont;  Country Inns and exquisite rivers combine for a wonderful adventure. It is a fine time in Vermont, early summer with lots of river choices. Newfoundland is a land of magnificent contrasts with its rugged coasts, majestic fiords, sparkling rivers and open valleys. From the coastal village of Burgeo to the awe-inspiring landscape of Gros Morne.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the shop and we will attempt to clarify our policy on this confusing subject.