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The BattenKill Philosophy

A New World Awaits


Fortunately most of the earth is not paved. Let's face it, if you've seen one road you've seen them all. Thankfully, the same can not be said for the special places that are wild and beautiful, the mountains, the deep valleys and gorges and rivers and meadows. If you want to pass through quickly, then travel by car. If you like roads, then bike. From the roads you see little, and learn even less. Join us off the roads, away from the cars and crowds, celebrating the peaceful places where nature is close.

Our goal has always been to rise above the rest, to guarantee more than just an ordinary canoe trip, to provide you with a vacation that goes beyond the mundane.
We plan vacations, not expeditions.

Canoeing is a special window on our world.

Afloat, a new world awaits, a world of slowed-down time and stretched-out space, of peace and quiet beauty. From a river, you feel more, and see with different eyes. We at BattenKill take the importance of free-flowing, healthy rivers, and unspoiled outdoors as a priority.

Rivers are the planet's arteries; they carry its life blood . . . water. It's no small wonder that early humans saw rivers as God incarnate, or that people today are drawn to rivers and mountains, where you can find peace, refreshment and adventure.

We see it on the faces of the people who enjoy our rivers and their landscape: recreation and relaxation, exhilaration and enthusiasm. Some are soothed, others challenged. Others challenge the river. All find a special magic in paddling their canoes through the water.

Our days are simple and loosely structured. Take a few moments at the water’s edge and you will feel yourself wrapped by the river’s gentle music, and find the sounds of civilization stopped for a moment. Such moments are timeless and natural.

Why? Who knows? Take it as a gift from the river.

Rambles with BattenKill Canoe.

First and foremost we are canoe outfitters, and love rivers. In our explorations, we have often left our canoes to explore unique trails and pathways leading into the wilderness. We canoe and walk because we want to stay close to this incredible planet and its people to peel back the layers and feel, look and learn the experience.

And Rambles with BattenKill are special, since we combine canoeing and walking in the same trip. . . yes, we will walk through the woods to a river crossing, and float into the magical world of rivers.

Walking or hiking. To us walking implies smoother pathways and trails with gentle hills. Hiking is slightly more strenuous -- uneven, rocky trails with moderate elevation climbs. Walking also becomes hiking after walking considerable distance. And now, considerable distance is a personal perception -- and we at BattenKill will allow you to determine if you are walking or hiking on any particular day. All itineraries are designed with walking and hiking options built in. You can walk with the leader/guide or, detailed directions in hand, make your own way. The seasoned hiker will step out and near mid-afternoon will usually encounter more strenuous sections, while the rest of the group ambles into the inn mid-afternoon.

Country Inns

As America’s Original Country Inn Canoe Outfitter we make sure that the inns are as special as the rivers we canoe. We would not want to end a memorable paddling day at an ordinary inn.

We've chosen only those inns where the setting, food and friendliness are exceptional. Tucked away on byways along rivers, or nestled in the crooks of hillsides or small villages, these inns have ambiance and graciousness mellowed by decades of hospitality. Guests can count on getting the welcome that they deserve as a carefree and hungry band of voyageurs.

Vermont country inns carry on a glorious tradition dating back almost 200 years. Each has a distinct flavor. Stay at any of them and you'll find antique furnishings, quilted bedspreads, wide-board floors, porches, firesides, wine, company and graciousness.

The unique inns we've selected fit perfectly into the relaxed nature of our trips. You'll enjoy the attentive care lavished on us throughout our stay. Our dining is intimate, and for many guests the meals are a highlight of the trip. All of the innkeepers take special pride in their hospitality, and we are pleased to oblige.

Our standard accommodation is two persons per room, with private baths when available. Singles and triples are usually available.


Our camping trips capture the true spirit of the outdoors. The campfire crackles, the birds dance, the crickets fiddle. The air smells clean and fresh, broken only by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the woods, arousing you from your slumber.
The emphasis is on sharing: sharing with each other and sharing of nature’s splendor. Needless to say, you can do as much or as little as you wish...we will take care of all camp details because we know you are on vacation.

BattenKill will supply all food, tents, kitchen and camp equipment, First Aid and repair kits. A detailed equipment list is included in your confirmation packet.

About BattenKill Canoe

We are a professional and dynamic travel organization that operates distinctive canoe trips for individuals, couples, families and groups. Since 1983 we have explored and researched rivers to provide the highest quality trip. We have never considered ourselves as just another touring company. We realize that people’s interests and definitions of the perfect vacation vary widely, so we offer a wide variety of distinctive canoe vacations. We avoid the commonplace for a vacation that goes well beyond the mundane.
Paddling and safety instruction are part of every trip, but most of all, you are encouraged to explore and make your own discoveries. On the first evening of the trip, your guides will conduct a brief, but thorough orientation session. Throughout the trip, your guides are eager to be of assistance, answer your questions, supply information, and coach you to bring out and sharpen your paddling skills.
Furthermore, our equipment is the best available. Usually we bring more canoes than there are people on a trip, giving you the opportunity to choose from a variety of tandem and solo models and styles from different manufacturers. Our support vans and custom designed trailers carry our supplies, your luggage, and anything else you may want to pick up along the trip.
Let us be your hosts as you travel secure with the knowledge that you are backed by a solid organization where every visitor becomes a friend. We are determined to make the difference between your vacation being just good...and being great.

The Group

Our groups are small: eight to twelve guests, more like a few friends traveling together than a tour group ensuring a relaxed atmosphere and personal attention to each guest. Returning guests are a testimony to the quality of our touring adventures. We'll be happy to furnish you with references from around the country.

No previous experience or special skills are needed to join us on one of our canoe or walking vacations, just a spirit of adventure and a desire to have fun. we've had folks of every age from children to grandparents with skills ranging from never-evers






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