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Dear Friends.

Greetings and welcome to BattenKill Canoe. It is especially gratifying to renew old friendships with returning guests, and exciting to meet others for the first time. Our commitment to run absolutely the best trip possible remains the same as it was 24 years ago when we ran our first trip. Our goal has remained the same: to explore remote interesting places by canoe, to remove you from the stresses of everyday life, and to make real that landscape of adventure that we carry within us.

Adventure travel takes us out of our ordinary world, and carries us to new places to explore different cultures, showcases for human creativity and nature’s boundless garden. But there is more to travel than just traveling. We must learn to love life, to understand other cultures without prejudice, to walk in the sun, and to enjoy and rock the cradle of life. Traveling by canoe and foot off the roads allows us to experience life through different eyes.

And perhaps our greatest duty as outfitters is to inspire fellow travelers to become involved in healing our host – mother earth, and to assist nature in rebuilding her exquisite beauty. We must all help in the healing process. It requires that her garden of life be kept in glorious bedlam – not paved and bottled, not cut and pruned, but growing in sweet disorder.

I am especially pleased to offer two new trips this year: Rica Nica, Canoes and Coffee Nicaraguan style. . It is the combination of vision and experience that blends together to make a well-crafted trip that you will enjoy.

If you are thinking about your first trip with us, or planning a return engagement simply give us a call and we will be pleased to share our vision. Sharing our passion for great rivers, interesting people and places is what BattenKill is all about. Join us on a river, somewhere, sometime, but soon.
Peace and all the best.

Jim Walker
Managing Director

For all the staff of BattenKill Canoe

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